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Heavy Metal Poisoning -

I have been having treatment with Caroll over the past 6 months for predominately heavy metal poisoning and other health related issues which has resulted in a definite improvement in foggy brain, heavy head and general well being. Dawson Smith
Heavy Metal Poisoning -
As a recipient of bilateral hip replacements over ten years ago and subsequently having one of them replaced due to repeated dislocations, I am very pleased to be mobile again. However, the revelation that due to metal breakdown observed at surgery by blackened tissue around the faulty hip prosthesis, the cause of my fatigue, decreased concentration and a severe deep constant itch became obvious.
Urine tests for heavy metals subsequently showed very high cobalt and titanium levels, and the surgeon advised me there was nothing he could do about alleviating the problem. All I could do was wait and hope that the body would finally excrete the metal ions by itself but he had no idea how long that would take.
Treatment by Caroll Macy over the past year has to a greater degree alleviated these symptoms, often within days, and urine tests revealing the lowering of heavy metal contamination to within acceptable levels verify their efficient elimination with her treatment regime. John Pearce- Auckland
Chronic Fatigue/ME

I was referred to Caroll Macy of Bioresonance Clinic in Takapuna. I had been afflicted with M.E/Chronic Fatigue for 27 years caused by extreme stress and viruses, and needed assistance with ongoing chemical and heavy metal problems and allergies. I have had homeopathic treatment in the past, but Caroll is outstanding in her field, and her remedies have enhanced my life considerably. Caroll picks up all sorts of illnesses which have never left the cells, and is very caring, healing and helpful. As I live long distance she is able to help by phone also. I cannot recommend her enough for any kind of illness.
Adrianne Kendall
Lyme Disease -

While I was in Europe in June of 2013 I was bitten by a tick which developed a large red ring around the site of the bite. When I returned to NZ I was treated with antibiotics which eliminated the redness at the site over some weeks but I still felt unwell.
That is when I visited Caroll Macy at the Bioresonance clinic where she showed that I was still testing positive for Lyme disease. I was treated Isopathically by Caroll for this condition on two separate occasions and now after a blood test from my GP I am clear!!!! And I am feeling so much better. Thanks very much Caroll – great work. Erica Lang
Bacterial Infection -

To whom it may concern;
I first decided to go to Caroll on a friends recommendation. I had been having headaches and generally feeling unwell for sometime after prolonged dental treatment which involved replacing old amalgam fillings.
During my dental treatment I developed an abscess and was told that root canal was my only option. After using the drops Caroll gave me the abscess cleared and the headaches disappeared.
I am absolutely over the moon and am now working with Caroll towards optimum health.
I see this treatment as the foundation to good health. I cannot see the point of doing everything else righ if we have all manner of contaminants such as heavy metals, viruses, vaccines, parasites etc clogging up our systems. We must first rid ourselves of these as much as possible so that our system can absorb and utilise the good food, water and exercise we give it. Only then can I see my body becoming strong. Than you so very much Caroll. Robyn Semmens
Eczema - severe
Caroll Macy started treating me for Eczema about 18 months ago using the Bioresonance Technique. I had contracted this disorder almost 20 years earlier along with a considerable number of allergies. During this time I sought innumerable Practitioners with little or no improvement regardless of their types of treatment.

However, with the Bioresonance treatment I gradually improved until I became free of Eczema entirely.
Also, the number of severity of my allergies are still rapidly decreasing.
This reversal of my symptoms is incredible, since I had almost given up seeking help.
I would recommend visiting Caroll at the Bioresonance Clinic for treatment of Eczema and Allergies. Sue Roberts
Chronic Fatigue
I have been meaning to get in touch with you to give you an update on my progress. There is a definite improvement in my health. I felt very relaxed when I took the BBB (blood, brain, barrier) and felt relieved and light when I did the Clostridium Difficle and Candida Albicans. The swelling in my thyroid also reduced considerably after the Strepococcus A drops. Blood clotting has also almost gone away completely.
I'm so glad I came to see you. I will be starting my second round in 2 weeks time and I'll let you know how that goes.
My mothers lung support has also helped her. My dog was up and running the day after I gave her the adrenals.
I hope you are doing well. You are in my thoughts for the good work that you do. I have a lot of admiration and respect for you for all the hard work, focus, patience and discipline you put into treating us.
I look forward to coninuing my treatment with you. Arti Nandani - Fiji
Smoking for 44 years
In March 2012 I did a Stop Smoking treatment at Caroll's Bioresonance Clinic - I couldn't believe how easy it was - 1 1/2 hrs later I walked out of the clinic and to this day have not experienced any anxiety, stress or withdrawal symptoms that I had experienced in the past.
I had been a smoker for 44 years and knew it really was time I gave up this habit that was no longer fitting my healthy lifestyle of good food and exercising.
Everyone now comments on how well I look and how my skin now has a glow to it. Joan Robinson
Stop Smoking -

I had a Bioresonance Stop Smoking treatment. From the time I left the clinic I never experienced an urge to have another cigarette, nor did I experience any withdrawal symptoms or anxiety. If felt good to be a non-smoker and not to be trapped into the habit and addiction. Four months ago while away on a “Boys Weekend” I relapsed due to peer pressure – I though I could handle turning into a Social Smoker, but that is not the case. I couldn’t stop. Knowing the only type of treatment that has worked for me - I made a bee line back to the Bioresonance clinic for help. Yeh, no more coughing. No more smelly vehicle, smelly clothes and a wife who enjoys kissing me again.

Scott Emus
Challenging health Issues

The last five years have been very challenging for me health-wise. I am now in a wheelchair due to neuropathy, have type II diabetes, a pacemaker, e-coli infection which is resistant to antibiotics etc, etc. It seemed that for every step forward in my healing journey I took two steps back and my life revolved around hospital appointments and urgent admittance for ill health and complications. This is not where I envisaged myself to be in my 50's.

Caroll Macy was highly recommended to me and in the five months that I have been working with her the results speak for themselves. In addition to looking and feeling better, my blood sugar levels have markedly improved. I also undergo regular lab-tests and since starting consultations with Caroll the results are at their best levels in five years. Three daily pills are now no longer required and have been removed from my blister pack and over a year is is 1095 less pills I have to take.

While completing the course of remedies, no exposure to EMF's are required (usually 4 days) and I do miss my I-Pad, Cell Phone and TV. Why I have persevered is that I have genuinely seen results and have kept my eyes on the prize, which is improved health and a better quality of life. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with Caroll. Philip
Chronic illness for 30 years

Caroll gave me my life back!!
The biggest asset you have is your health and I now have it back.
The Medical profession certainly failed me and I had tried so many different things over the years - spending ridiculous amounts of money along the way.

I just wanted to feel alive again.
I suffered from chronic illness for 30 years mainly due to chemical poisoning.

I would recommend Caroll to everyone and wished I had found her a life time ago. She is truly amazing with her unique method of treatment and you can feel the difference very early on.
I can't rave enough because I get to enjoy life again!!! Lynette Graham

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