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The Dangers of Chelating Heavy Metals

Chelating of Heavy Metals – no matter what chelating method is adopted in the removal of heavy metals there will always be a serious risk involved until the role of EMF’s (Electricity) in the retention of heavy metals in the body are addressed – with exposure to computers, TV’s, cell and cordless phones etc your body will be unable to release these heavy metals due to the magnetic charge between the EMF’s and the metals.

If your eliminatory  organs are weak they will be unable to release the metals – once in the blood these metals can infiltrate all areas of the body and may then be driven deeper into the body causing long term harm that may take a year or two to surface.

The support of all degenerative or weakened organs, glands and systems is vital during any heavy metal chelation or detox.

These chelating methods are unable to penetrate the Brain or the Bone Marrow where many heavy metals can be deposited leading to re-infection

Find out why FCT Bioresonance is the most advanced method of detoxing heavy metals safely and effectively and at the same time protecting and supporting individual weak or stressed organs, glands and systems.

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