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Bioresonance Testing

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Bioresonance Testing – The key objective is the identification of specific toxic factors that are having a paralyzing effect on the natural functions of the  Brain, Bone Marrow, Blood, Nervous, Immune, Digestive, Neurological, Cardio/Vascular, Glands, Hormones, Breasts, testes  and Organs.

The first step is to identify the first organ/system which is the weakest or most damaged and which key toxic factor are responsible. There may be up to 5 different layer that need to be identified within that one system. The following steps prioritize which other damaged systems need to be supported, order of treatment , potency of each individual remedy needed and timing between each remedy. Without this support these body systems can release toxins yet may not be able to eliminate them.

The Testing Method uses non-force Kinesiology – A nerve reflex results in an involuntary muscle response upon exposure to an introduced poison (in a secure vial) –  this reaction originates from the brain recognizing the introduced substance –  in its absence there will be no reaction (similar to a lie detector test)

The therapy is Isopathy (causative Homeopathy) Remedies are made from bio-energetic signatures of both toxins (Nosodes) and healthy body tissues (Sarcodes) as the therapeutic tools

Nosodes must induce the release of the individually identified toxins.

Sarcodes strengthen, protect and support the natural defences of weakened or distressed organs and systems; thus preventing the uncontrolled release and absorption of those poisons in other parts of your body.

FCT Bioresonance uses a device that creates remedies by imprinting a signal into clear water.


Testing takes 1 1/2 hours then an individualised protocol determines which remedies are needed, at what strength, the exact order and timing between each remedy being determined by the individuals state of health.

Treatment Cycle

Treatment cycle is between 1-4 weeks with the client taking home between 10-15 individualised remedies which are taken over a period of 2-4 days (usually a weekend) – time is then allowed for the remedies to continue working and for the body to re-adjust. The follow-up appointment will determine the next layer of toxins.

A life time of toxin build up in the body  usually requires an extended time of treatment – longer if the toxic burden is heavier.


If the Bone Marrow (the main blood and Immune cell maker in the body) or the Brain cannot be detoxified then it is virtually impossible to clear poisons from the rest of the body.


Bone Marrow is the key to HEALTH


Cost is $175.00 plus remedies at $5.00 each – overall cost will depend on how many remedies a client requires – on average there are between 10-20 individual remedies.

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