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July 10

Stop Smoking now with Bioresonance Therapy


Break the physiological addiction to cigarettes the easy way with Caroll. If you have tried patches, chewing gum, inhalers, hypnotism or simple willpower with no success them we can help you desensitising and detoxing your body (from all chemicals in your cigarette)

Break the emotional/stress dependence today.

If you are ready to quit we’re ready to help

European researchers discovered that nicotine dependence (the desire to smoke) is caused by the electromagnetic charge of nicotine in the body. Bioresonance Therapy cancels out this electromagnetic charge, leaving your system free of the cause of the urge to smoke. The body then eliminates the nicotine after treatment and as a result there are no physical cravings to smoke.

Two days prior to treatment – no alcohol and coffee.

Please bring one cigarette with you to the consultation.

If you are experiencing major stress in your life or have a highly nervous disposition please call the Clinic and as to speak with Caroll prior to making an appointment

Here are some overseas results from using Bioresonance Therapy.
>> 70% stop after the first treatment
>> 90% stop after the second treatment

PRICE $250 (including GST)

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