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Autism, ADHD, ADD, Aspergers and other Learning Difficulties

Autism – exerpts from Dr Yurkovsky

Autism – an obscure disease just a few decades ago has now emerged as a worldwide child epidemic today.

Autism in the majority of children is not a genetic disease, but the product of an acquired multi-organ destructive processes from man-made toxicological, infectious, medicinal and electromagnetic agents in the brain and body of all children.

Autism and all chronic diseases are caused by a handful of the main morbid factors (bullets) that produce hundreds of secondary findings in Autism from leaky gut to immune and neurotransmitter abnormalities, from food allergies to vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, from abnormal brain tissue to chronic and  incurable infections such as Candida, Parasites, Lyme, Bacterial and Viral.

Autism is a multi-systemic, not brain-confined disease engulfing many other organs and systems: liver, kidney, bone marrow, gastrointestinal, immune, endocrine, blood, lymph. These has all led to establish and to sustain autism by producing hundreds of systemic pathologies. A brain injured by lodged-in bullets (toxins) cannot become balanced until those bullets are removed first in order for the brain to restore on its own or through only minimal therapeutic efforts.

This is why caution is given to the use of Vitamins, minerals, fish oils, glutathione or any substance alleged to enhance the brain and other so called therapeutic modalities such as chelator’s, detoxer’s, cleansers, probiotics, oxygen  – they all carry commonalities with none being “natural or good” because they are all drug like in nature – they are artificial and foreign in composition to the physiology of the body and they have side effects which can be obvious immediately or surface later.

Unless one can make a clear distinction between the primary disease factors (bullets) and their countless secondary pathological effects and know how to address these bullets there will be failure.

FCT understands the individual nature of Autism for every child depending on their own unique combination of bullets in the body and brain, their interactions with the individual child and his/her individual sensitivity.

Identifying blocks to even the best treatment for Autism is as crucial as the treatment itself. By far the biggest external block to autism recovery is electromagnetic fields (known as EMF’s) which are destructive to both the human brain and immune systems.

FCT Bioresonance uses a novel treatment using the bio-energetic signatures of both toxins (in a vial) and healthy body tissues (in a vial) as therapeutic tools. This method to measure and address chemical, metals, parasites, candida, viral and electro-pollutants has benefited not only Autistic children but also “normal” children, teens and adults too with Brain-related problems such as compromised memory, concentration, comprehension, speech,  analytical capacity, metal stamina, creativity, sleep, moods (anxiety, depression, irritability, anger) addictions, social phobias, OCD, bipolar and PANDA.

FCT Bioresonance is a noninvasive, safe and painless modality based on physics and is capable of direct energetically tuning into the internal organs and body systems.

The most fundamental level of human physiology is represented by cellular energy fields which  are the ones that regulate body chemistry – successful therapeutic means which operate at the level of body energy and conduct properly are capable of bringing about healing.

Metals in particular can directly invade and damage the Central Nervous System. The Immune System also gets attacked setting the stage for the invasion of opportunistic infections. With these metals lodged in CNS, Autoimmune reactions can then be triggered.


Some of the following pernicious agents may be found in the testing:

  1. Heavy MetalsMercury (vaccines, amalgams, mothers breast milk), Lead (paints, toys, petrol), Aluminium (vaccines, tinned food, baking powder)
  2. Parasites/Worms/Protozoa’s
  3. Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Environmental Toxins
  4. Candida/Fungi/Molds
  5. Strep A
  6. Mycoplasma
  7. Lyme
  8. Epstein Barr Virus
  9. CMV and other Herpes Viruses
  10. Rubella, Morbillia
  11. Chamydia Pneumonia
  12. Babessia
  13. Bartonella
  14. Drug residue from the parents usage (recreational and Medicinal)
  15. Antibiotic residue
  16. Nutritional deficiencies
  17. Trauma – mental or emotional
  18. EMF’s and Wireless technology pervades every aspect of our modern life – These forces act upon the individual. They are non Static, dynamic, changeable and very unpredictable. Yet their interaction with the living organisms is not subject to thorough testing and does not have the benefit of actual long-term experience.

These multiple pathogens have an affect on ALL body systems and organs – Head to Toe. These may often lead to secondary issues like skin inflammation, allergies, eczema, asthma, sensitivity to light, food, noise etc. and they remain in the body for a lifetime – unless you can effectively remove both their physical and energetic properties using FCT.


Different neuro-anatomical structure of the Brain  may  test positive for the above pernicious agents using FCT Bioresonance

Energy based skillful probing with FCT Bioresonance of the deepest layers of the body can yield information concerning toxicants and Infections.

Intervention/treatment for the above factors is not fixed – there are too many variables.

Children are born sick – in a USA Red Cross study of the Umbilical Cord Blood of newborns found on average 287 toxins – all absorbed while in the womb. Breast fed babies are subject to whatever the Mother has accumulated in her breasts over many years – Diet and most detox systems are ineffective as they do not have the ability to address what the brain has absorbed.

Dr Savely Yrukovsky is the founder of FC Bioresonance – a trained Cardiologist, Naturopath, Homeopath and a teacher to many Doctors, Dentists, Osteopaths and Natural Health practitioners in USA, Europe and the UK – to date only one in New Zealand. The Doctor is at the cutting edge of Natural Medicine and has for the past 25 years achieved exciting results assisting people with health conditions that have been considered challenging or impossible.

“True Roots and Solutions” from Dr Yrukovsky’s three day seminar in October 2011 for his students  “AUTISM AND ADHD ARE CURABLE”

Information on Dr Yrukovsky’s website [email protected] represents excerpt from his upcoming book “Autism and ADHD – an inescapable Epidemic – whose child is next.

Article; Dr Yurkovsky: Guided Digital Medicine – Autism, ADHD and other Brain Disorders 2008

There is no difference between Autism, ADHD, Parkinsons, Dementia, – they are all poisoned Brains  -quote Dr Yurkovsky

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