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profileCaroll is  a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine; a Reiki Master; and over the past 16 years has specialized in Bioresonance Therapy – For the past 12 years she has been practicing FCT Bioresonance by founder Dr Yurkovsky a New York Cardiologist – a leader in the field of Natural Medicine helping people with difficult unresolved health issues.

Caroll’s own health issues set her on this healing path due to 245T, DDT and paraquat poisoning as a child, hairdressing solvents, exposure to  spraying of the Painted Apple Moth and a mouth full of amalgams. The result was weeping rashes over her body, insomnia and hormonal imbalances. Hence her journey that began 16 years ago has resulted in a wealth of information that she now uses to help other people.

The Principal cause of a Disease is generally the malfunctioning of one or more body systems stemming from the invasion of  viral and bacterial infections, heavy metals, parasites, fungi/mold and chemicals, these pathogens/toxins reduce the ability of our body’s immune systems to fight off “Natural Infections” due to their blocking and suppressing influences.

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