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profileCaroll is  a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine; a Reiki Master; and over the past 15 years have specialized in Bioresonance Therapy – in order to help people bring their body systems back into balance and enjoy a healthy and energetic life.

For the past 25 years plus I have followed a mainly organic diet and used natural products in my home – however I continued to use perfumes and other body products that contained various chemicals that are known to be harmful – such as petrochemicals and formaldehyde. The manufacturers generally tell us these are ‘fine – as long as they are in low doses’.

Two significant events happened 10 years ago – firstly I had all my mercury fillings removed; and secondly the area I lived in was sprayed with chemicals for the painted apple moth – everything outside was covered in a fine yellow dust. Again, we were assured that everything was ‘fine’. I also grew up on a farm where 245T was used to spray blackberry. Paraquat and DDT were also in regular use as my father converted King Country bush into usable farmland. At least these two chemicals are now banned from regular use, however, they are used widely in the Islands. How many people carry longer-term effects?

Fifteen years ago I suddenly became ill – with weeping, incredibly itchy swollen rashes over my face, ears, neck and chest – an inability to sleep – allergies to many foods such as carrots, beets, most fruits and all dairy and wheat products, and I felt like all energy and life force had been sucked out of me.

So began my search to find someone to help.

On my family’s insistence, I went to my Doctor, who had an interest in natural remedies, and was offered cortisone cream and antibiotics. These offered some temporary relief, but the same problems continuously reappeared – with even more vengeance than before.

From there I tried a Natural Health Practitioner who could identify the individual toxins in my body and what foods my body was allergic to – but treatment again gave me only temporary relief – for the symptoms to return within a couple of days.

I visited a Kinesiologist who, through muscle testing, identified the chemicals and then neutralized them …… on my last visit I was told I no longer had any chemicals left in my body – even though I had liquid dripping down my neck from my very swollen ears.

Another Natural Health Practitioner this time using a bioresonance device once again identified all the chemicals and poisons in my body – I was told I would only need four treatments – after the final treatment I could feel my body deteriorating even further.

The fourth Natural Health Practitioner was someone who explained to me the principals of Toxins in the body and how they layer themselves and why the most toxic must be removed first – working progressively down to the least toxic.

I followed the protocol given to me – on completion not only did my rash disappear never to return but so did all of my food allergies – my energy levels returned and today I feel healthier and have more energy than I did as a teenager.

Over the past 7 years I have undertaken advanced training with Dr Yurkovsky, a USA trained Cardiologist, Naturopath, Homeopath and Founder and Teacher of FCT Bioresonance Therapy to many students in the USA and Europe.

Dr Yurkovsky is at the cutting edge of Natural Medicine and has for the past 27 years achieved results assisting people with health conditions that have been considered challenging or even impossible – such as Autism, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Diseases

Today at the Bioresonance Clinic I have applied Dr Yurkovsky’s complete protocol and method of practice– using FCT Bioresonance technology.

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